Australian National Sports Club aims to develop and sustain a wide range of community partnerships to mutually support our culturally vibrant community through engagement with, and participation in all areas concerning sport and personal development.

Australian National Sports Club participates in a range of community programs and initiatives to support and work collaboratively with the diverse National community.

They include partnerships with local community groups and associations. ANSC also works very closely with local government and the NSW Police to create awareness for many projects.

Some of the recent community highlights from 2014 are:

White Ribbon Day Event, raising awareness about domestic violence. Hosted at ANSC Club House - Parry Park, in collaboration with the NSW Police.

All of the above achievements this year would not have occurred without the amazing support of Canterbury Council and in particular the current Councillors. We are grateful for having a very supportive and innovative council.


To enquire on how your organisation/community could work in partnership please email: : [email protected]