Your Club

Why should you join our club? Firstly, we all know sport is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle and it is very necessary everyone does their fair share of sport every week; but why should you choose National Sports Club? Well, National Sports Club is the most diverse club in the Canterbury District and Soccer Association. Our players, volunteers and Committee Members come from all walks of life and different ethnic backgrounds. Just to name a few we have players, coaches and managers from All parts of world such as Bosnia, Croatia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guinea, Ghana, Somalia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, China, Kuwait, and Zimbabwe just to mention a few. At National Sports Sports Club will endeavor to open doors for your future pathways and will motivate you in every way possible so as to achieve your goals. .

Our vision at National Sports Club is all about the players, their parents/guardians and our supporters which in this case is you; it brings out self- discipline, self-confidence and most of all self-belief in everyone associated with our club. .

So, you may be thinking I am ready and keen to register and play at National Sports Club but you don’t know where or how to start, or you could be a very experienced soccer playerready to take up the sport once again... well this is where our club, your club really comes in.

Firstly, we have the facilities to support you in the sport and we have some very expert and fully qualified coaches to maximise the sport to the full and to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible for all our participants.

At National Sports Club, we believe one of the most important services we have to offer is effective coaching. It is fundamental if you want to be the best you can be – mentally and physically.

Furthermore it can reduce the risk of injuries as we make sure you are doing the appropriate training for you. Secondly, our club supports all levels of aspiration and ability.

On the other hand, if you want to make it big on the soccer scene and may be even be one of our upcoming, future Socceroo’sand compete regularly; we also have the ability to push you to be the best you can. After all, soccer or football is the heart of the club, therefore in the centre of our minds.Our club hasthe ability to open doors to all kinds of competitions and opportunities...we just need theplayers to grasp them with both hands.Moreover, and most importantly, our club offers a pleasurable, safe and good-natured environment for all our players, parents, coaches, managers, volunteers and supporters. Our club works as a closely knitted team to achieve everything we want to achieve. As they say “teamwork makes the dream work”. We believe we make football/soccer more enjoyable and success more achievable. To register with one of the most multicultural clubs in NSW please email: [email protected]

Last but not least we are also a very welcoming crew and would like to invite everyone who would like to join us with open arms. This is YOUR CLUB!


Australian National Sports Club Committee